Fall Whiskey Cocktails

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Chilly mornings, pumpkin spice, and orange accents. Ah, yes, fall is here! As we sit back and embrace the change from flops to boots there’s one thing that still gives us the same warm, fuzzy feeling of delight… The Croce.

The Croce (named after famed American singer-songwriter, Jim Croce – pictured below) is Cowbell’s version of an Old Fashioned. This bell ringing concoction features Bulleit Small Batch Bourbon and is best served with one of Cowbell’s signature ice spheres (side note: did you know that Cowbell is one of the only bars in the Charlotte area that has an ice sphere machine? Check it out¬†this ice sphere lasts for THREE cocktails without watering down your carefully selected whiskey – the bell’s got your back.)


Most recognize an Old Fashioned with muddled cherries and oranges, but Cowbell takes a different approach. By using spiced cherry bitters rather then muddled fruit, you eliminate the unwanted chunks of fruit and are able to enjoy the cocktail to it’s fullest. Grab an ¬†orange peel and burn the edge just a tad; drop that baby into your cocktail to add a little smokey-citrusy sting and BAM! You’ve got yourself a Croce!

Check out the December issue of CLT Happenings (available at various locations around the Charlotte area) for a more in depth story on The Croce and be sure to head to Cowbell today to try what some are calling the best Old Fashioned in town!