Welcoming Stanley’s Spirit to 5th Street

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Cowbell Burger & Whiskey Bar, purveyors of gourmet burgers, a burger joint in the heart of Uptown Charlotte that mixes rock and roll with captivating flavor. You can twist it any way you like, but there is no denying that our take on burgers is unlike any in the Charlotte area. Not to mention the whiskey selection that will knock the socks off any Side Car or Manhattan drinking professional.
And we will certainly get to ALL of that in the future…
However, with the launch of this blog we thought we would let you in on the story behind our mascot, Stanley, who sits ever so proudly on the wall at Cowbell, gulping and grazing the days away.
Let it be known that it has not always been easy living for Stanley. No, no…before his disappearance in 1963, Stanley was on his way to being a field operative for the CIA’s counter-terrorism task force when he was given an assignment that would change this life forever: “Save President Kennedy”. Taking the evening to enjoy a burger and a glass of Johnny Blue on the rocks (Stanley’s all time favorite combination), he studied the Presidents’ security detail up and down. On the morning of November 22nd, 1963 Stanley was given his assignment details which ordered him to police the Grassy Knoll area to which assassins had an advantage. As the morning progressed and the congregants gathered Stanley stayed focused and as ordered, at the sight of unsettling behavior, he fired three shots at the sixth floor of the book depository across the street. Pandemonium ensued as more shots were fired at the president resulting in the assassination of our beloved leader. All security field agents were ordered to convene at a location close to the grassy knoll that Stanley was policing, however, Stanley himself was never to be seen again.
Conspiracy theorists continue to swarm the death of President Kennedy but we at Cowbell choose to focus on the disappearance of the burger loving, whiskey drinking, Stanley Truelove. Some who knew him personally say that Stanley shot and killed the assassin that day but was whisked away by alarmists and perpetrators.
The 50th anniversary of Stanley’s disappearance and Kennedy’s death marks the birth of Cowbell Burger & Whiskey Bar, in which his spirit lives on as the mascot of what he loved most…burgers and whiskey!
This blog will be complied of inspirations from Stanley and all that we believe to be true of his heroism, as well as tid-bits of rock and roll, dashes of flavor from your backyard to our grill, and top notch whiskey concoctions.
Enjoy it to it’s max, and always remember: Eat More Cowbell.

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